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A leading global provider of innovative billing and mobile payment solutions across a host of sectors, DMB has been at the cutting edge of the mobile industry since it was founded in 1997.

Functioning as a business-to-business organisation, DMB is connected to all the major domestic mobile operators, providing clients with a direct link to the entire UK mobile subscriber base.

The company, which enables the billing of digital goods and services directly to a customer’s mobile phone bill, is one of the longest-operating mobile aggregators globally. 

We are also a proud premium sponsors of Telemedia8.1.

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What we offer

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Direct Carrier Billing

An online mobile payment method which allows users to make purchases by charging payments to their mobile phone bill.

Main benefits:

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Secure payments
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Short Codes (PSMS)

Users are charged through their mobile network operator for sending and receiving messages through a premium short code.

Main benefits:

  • Wide reach
  • High volume
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SMS Notifications

Over 97% of customers will open and read a text message within five minutes of receipt. Enable revenue growth with SMS messaging.

Main benefits:

  • Quick and timely
  • Cost effective
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Voice Solutions

Transform the way you do business by giving you a more reliable, cost-effective, secure and flexible way to automate communications with customers.

Main benefits:

  • Brand image
  • Bespoke solutions
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Home Location Register

Designed to validate mobile numbers and improve efficiency. Inaccurate data causes businesses to send the wrong message to clients.

Main benefits:

  • Clean data base
  • GDPR compliant
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Engage By DMB

Engage is a full-featured cloud platform for creating engaging and interactive mobile services and marketing campaigns.

Main benefits:

  • Personal messaging
  • Immediacy 
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Debt Settlement 

Digital Debt Settlement Limited is part of the Engage Communications Group, a specialist division using the latest in-house built technology to communicate to debtors.

Main benefits:

  • Debt recovery
  • Reduce costs 
Engage by DMB

Bespoke Solutions

technology innovators in mobile messaging, payments and services, as well as offering intelligent inbound and outbound voice platforms. We make technology work by delivering compelling solutions to business challenges.

Main benefits:

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Competitive pricing

Our main sectors

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Text donations is the simplest way to allow your community to donate to your cause, and it’s use is growing year-on-year.
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Integrating mobile cashless payments you allow your customers to pay directly to their mobile phone bill, using SMS or Direct Carrier Billing - no card or bank details required.  It’s simple and convenient.

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Gaming & Gambling 

Tap into a secure and robust payment system and capture players seeking to use quick & convenient methods of playing and betting! 

Society lotteries

Society Lotteries

Integrating mobile payments to your existing lottery, you provide the quickest, and most convenient way for players to sign-up and pay for your society lottery without asking for personal banking details.

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Dynamic Mobile Billing provides robust, secure, low friction digital payment solutions to online merchants in the global digital marketplace and supports your online e-commerce strategy.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Whether you're a car park operator, a gym, a game developer, a charity or an e-commerce merchant you will be looking for ways to best reach and engage with your customers. No matter the size of your business, DMB's solutions can help take your communication with customers to the next level. Request a call from our team of experts and find out how we can help you grow your business today!