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We can help you run your society lottery more efficiently.


Charities across the UK have been using text (SMS) short codes (a 5 digit number starting with the prefix 70), for a number years now, helping to raise over £115m annually.


Texting a short code has become the quick and simple way of donating monies to charities and is now set to revolutionise the way they can run society lotteries.


The UK is becoming more and more familiar with short code-based services. It is a positive step for the whole

‘charge to mobile’ industry, opening up a new market for everyone - whilst being great for consumers who want to participate.


If your charity runs a Society Lottery as part of its fundraising strategy, you will want to make it as easy for donors to play, and just like text donations, a mobile lottery entries is the answer!  

Watch our video about how mobile entries can drive participation in your charity's lottery.




Society Lottery - Mobile Donations from Dynamic Mobile Billing on Vimeo.


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Benefits of Mobile Lottery Entries
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Reduce Cost


Save money on call centre staff, paper tickets and hours of administration.



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No need for paper tickets or lengthy Direct Debit forms (which helps the environment too!)

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Drive Profit and Conversions


Not needing to ask the user excessive amounts of information, drives conversion, and reduces abandonment.

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At payment, consent is given for participation in future lotteries.

Features of Society Lottery Short Codes:

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The API allows you as the merchant to integrate short code entries seamlessly into a portfolio of payment options.


Engage with whole spectrum of demographics, including the unbanked.  Promote anywhere, any time, in a customised and flexible way as part of your wider fundraising strategy.

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We provide a compliant service, with the appropriate licensing and technical infrastructure, and fully approved by the Gambling Commission.


Build Relationships

Unlike anonymous, one-off paper lottery purchases, mobile entries allow charities to build a relationship with players - encouraging repeat entries.

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