Society Lottery


One of the biggest consumer objections Society Lotteries face is the refusal to provide personal bank details.  Which makes signing a new player to your lottery challenging. 


By integrating mobile payments to your existing lottery, you provide the quickest, and most convenient way for players to sign-up and pay for your society lottery without asking for personal banking details.


"Contributions to good causes from large societies lotteries was a massive £345M from Oct 2018 – Sep 2019" -


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One-off and monthly subscriptions are available cross-network






We provide a compliant service with the appropriate licensing and technical infrastructure, and fully approved by the Gambling Commission.






Engage with the whole spectrum of demographics, including the unbanked & gen-z. Promote anywhere, any time, in a customised and flexible way as part of your wider fundraising strategy.






The API allows you as the merchant to integrate short code entries seamlessly into a portfolio of payment options.






Build Relationships

Unlike anonymous, one-off paper lottery purchases, mobile entries allow charities to build a relationship with players, there by encouraging repeat entries.





Reduce Costs

Save money by reducing manual labour, paper tickets and hours of administration. 





Drive Profit and Conversion

Not needing to ask the user excessive amounts of information drives conversion and reduces abandonment.

Pay By Mobile-25




No need for paper tickets or lengthy Direct Debit forms ad helps the environment too!




At payment, consent is given for participation in future lotteries.

In 2017 the mobile payments regulator identified an opportunity for Society Lotteries to utilise mobile payments.  As a result the short code range 72XXX was established, allowing people to pay and receive a lottery ticket by phone. 

By enabling Dynamic Mobile Billing's solutions, lotteries can become entirely cashless and embrace a new genre of digital native players. 

Charities have been using mobile billing methods for years, why not let mobile revolutionise the way your lottery signs new players? Talk to us or your External Lottery Manager today about incorporating DMB’s mobile payment solutions.

Dynamic Mobile Billing closely monitors all new rules and regulations provided by The Lotteries Council 


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