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Whether your business is new or established, you can increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue with SMS messaging. Over 97% of customers will open and read a text message within five minutes of receipt. Read our SMS article by clicking here

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Analyse the campaigns 

Track, analyse and report on campaign effectiveness and ROI - in real-time.

Cost effective

Cost effective marketing

A way of reaching a mass audience with a cost effective marketing tool. 

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Quick and timely delivery

Deploy new campaigns, updates and notifications in minutes. The best performing direct reach medium, maximising ROI. Reach all demographics and mobile-centric users.

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Targeted campaigns 

Reach individuals through customised messages. Drive revenue and increase loyalty. Use our intuitive campaign ‘builder’ tools to optimise your communications. Mail merge customer details into messages and customise your promotions.

Here are some examples how SMS can be utilised

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Campaigns & customised messaging

Fast and effective SMS message campaigns.

Innovation – Change customer communication to drive revenue and loyalty

Immediacy – Campaigns can be ready within seconds

Personalisation – Target individuals through customised messaging

Measurable – Track, analyse and report on campaign ROI in real-time

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Mobile Forms

Integrate your customer database to send targeted, messaging campaigns or create mobile forms for a mobile survey in seconds. 


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Design mobile-optimised web pages in minutes.

Easy to use - mobile web page builder with bespoke design function to incorporate into SMS campaigns

Incorporate rich content video, audio and imagery into your mobile communications

Send longer, more detailed messages at no extra cost

Which industry sectors can benefit from SMS?

Most industries can benefit from our SMS solution. See below for some of the most popular sectors and if you would like to know how SMS can be utilised in your industry sector, contact us directly and we will be glad to help!

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Society Lotteries
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Gaming & Gambling
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