A global phenomenon. Endless Opportunities.


Attract new customers in the gaming market, and increase revenues per player with DMB’s unique solutions that provide compelling ‘end to end’ capabilities.

The gaming market is huge, and it’s growing rapidly. Barriers to entry are low; but with margins being squeezed by competition, you need to get ahead of the game.

We can help you grow your place in the gaming market by delivering multichannel customer communication on a global scale with our range of differentiators. 

With gamers being a typically younger and mobile-orientated audience, mobile is the perfect tool.

Gaming Mobile Options:



PayForIt (PFI) service in the UK allows payments to added to players’ mobile phone bill.
Acquire and retain customers
SMS White-1


Text timely/relevant info to online players and fans virtually anywhere in the world.
Engage customers.
Voice white


Offers, incentives and rewards via mobile messaging to a fickle players’ market.
Win back players to the game.
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