Don't waste any more of your time calling dead numbers...


What is HLR?

Home Location Register (HLR) is the main database that contains the most accurate information, on every mobile phone subscriber, worldwide.

What does the HLR Service do?

  • Check if a mobile number is switched on
  • Identify dead or inaccurate mobile numbers
  • Establish the network of any mobile number
  • Save your business time and money
  • Help your business be more efficient
  • Minimise Message cost.


How does the HLR Service work?

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How can DMB help?

You can upload  a file of bulk numbers and we will email you directly with the specified network of each number, eliminating any dead numbers.

DMB will also manage the full process in-house for you, through our HLR API

Sound interesting?      To find out more contact the team TEXT  'sales' to 63333 or email: