Tap into a secure and robust payment system and capture players seeking to use quick & convenient methods of playing


Attract impulsive players instantly


Attract impulsive players who don't have access to credit cards as a payment mechanic and tap into a near-universal payment solution which will appeal to all target demographics.


Charge through multiple devices 

We provide you with straightforward APIs, so you can charge players for all bets made, directly to their phone bill, on multiple devices, across all main mobile operators.





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Device Compatibility - Enable an optimised payment experience through desktop, mobile or apps. Players can be reached at any time for one-off bets.


Maximise Margins - Add a convenience fee to all players top ups, to maximise margins.
Increase conversion - Increase conversion rates and capture more impulsive players quickly with secure, robust and user a convenient two-factor payment authorisations. 
Text Betting

DMB can facilitate a Text Betting service making it easier than ever for your players to place a bet - at the touch a few buttons the bet is on! All they require is a mobile phone and a betting account. Customers can bet on all events, 24 hours a day!

Players just need to text their stake, bet type and selections to a nominated code for example "Result 5-0 Liverpool”. You send a message back with a receipt to confirm the bet is on! It couldn’t be simpler!

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   "Mobile Payment is fast becoming the chosen method of payment for consumers who lack access to credit and millennials looking to access gaming through mobile."



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Superior Security

A player has to confirm a uniquely generated PIN code to  authorise the payment process, providing a robust, secure and audible payment trace with authentication.

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Tap into new audiences 

Rapid integration of mobile payments offers a near-universal reach, including the unbanked and users seeking quick and convenient methods of playing.

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Hassle- free

No account necessary - a phone is a sufficient method of I.D.to initiate a payment process and acquire a player.

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Push Notifications & Messaging

Push notifications delivered straight to the players mobiles, allowing the merchant to up-sell and cross-sell promotions in real-time, with compelling call-to-action marketing.