The Engage Platform by DMB

Engage is a full-featured cloud platform for creating engaging and interactive mobile services and marketing campaigns. With the tools to help you enhance and improve interactions with your customers, you can fully embrace the power of mobile as a multi-channel tool, ensuring personal and meaningful engagement every time.
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Change customer communication to drive revenue and loyalty.

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Campaigns can be
ready within minutes,

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Personal messaging

Target individuals
through personalising each message.

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Track, analyse and report
on campaign ROI in real-time.

Why choose our platform?

1. Easy to Use 

You can access all of the functionality Engage offers at any time through the Hub, so messaging campaigns can be set up quickly and intuitively. 

2. Fast and Effective SMS Campaigns 

Integrating mobile messaging into your business helps drive direct and personal interaction with customers, helping you to increase sales, improve engagement and drive productivity. 

3. Campaign Planning Made Easy 

The Campaign Calendar is an innovative way of proactively creating and scheduling your mobile campaigns. View all of your scheduled campaigns and edit content or targeting based on previous campaign insight, without having to create new campaigns from scratch. 

4. Effective Customer Engagement 

Manage your campaign replies and inbound messages through dedicated inboxes to ensure effective customer interaction based on individual consumer responses. 

5. Web Page Builder – Advanced Mobile Communications 

Design, edit and publish mobile-rendered landing pages in minutes, incorporating rich content such as imagery, video and audio into your mobile communications easily.

The platform functionality

Make the Most of Your Customer Interaction 

Utilise your customer database to carry out targeted messaging campaigns, giving you complete control over how your data is used. 

  • Collect statistics on campaigns automatically 
  • Analyse detailed behaviour patterns of individuals and sets of users 
  • Create campaign templates to match database fields 
  • Customise messages based on day and time 
  • Customise messages based on previous interactions with a specific customer 

Enhanced Mobile Communications 

  • Launch mobile web campaigns quickly and effectively 
  • Full editing capability, campaign saving and upload functionality to upload media asset 
  • High quality, fast delivery with full campaign analytics 
  • Reformat content to fit specific handset types

Easy to Use Interface:

  • Main Overview Page 
  • Enhanced Mobile Communications Options
  • An Overview of All Campaigns 
  • An Outbound Campaign Wizard 
  • View of Detailed Analytics 
  • Setup Relays 

Key Features

  • Reliable SMS Messaging Gateway 
  • HTML5 Builder 
  • Advanced reporting and analytical tools 
  • CRM and customer management functionality 
  • Campaign creation, scheduling and sending 
  • Hierarchical account administration 
  • Pre-pay and post-pay options 
  • API integration into existing business systems 
  • Dedicated inbox and campaign response tools 
  • Customisable Sender ID and SMS campaign templates 

Develop deeper relationships, enhance audience engagement, increase brand awareness, improve customer loyalty and drive revenue growth. 

A/B testing functionality within Engage allows you to try out new ideas such as different messages, calls-to-actions and images on sample data sets and analyse which one is likely to be more effective. With the results you can then roll out the full campaign based on content that is likely to provoke a more positive response from recipients. 

Track your click-through and landing page performance with key metrics such as visitors, conversions and conversion rates to enable you to produce detailed campaign reports. Dive deeper into your campaign results.

Accessing key information on your mobile campaigns in a timely and effective manner is vital for maintaining high customer service levels. Engage displays the data that is crucial to you in an easily digestible way, and offers drill-down capabilities to manually interrogate campaign data in more detail. 

The video below demonstrates the Engage By Dynamic Mobile Billing platform. To see more about SMS marketing view our webinar here or read our blog post here

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