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As a carrier billing and SMS billing company, DMB enables merchants to charge their goods and services (e.g. donations, ticketing, deposits, content and more) to customer's mobile phone bills via their network.



Customer Care Explainer Video from Dynamic Mobile Billing on Vimeo.

As such, you may see a charge on your bill which looks unfamiliar.  When you query it with your network operator, they are likely to refer you to us, because the 'merchant' (or company) who has charged you is using our billing platform.

In these instances, you may think that we have wrongly charged you.  This is not the case.  We act like a Visa or Mastercard in the credit card payments space, providing a billing platform for various merchants. 

Any charges (or refunds) applied are done so by the service provider (merchant) directly.  DMB is not a merchant, and we do not operate our own services or directly charge consumers.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team using the link below and we will clarify which merchant has applied the charge to your bill, and provide the relevant details for you to discuss matters with them directly.

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