Dear Charities, 

Text donations is the simplest way to allow your community to donate to your cause, and it’s use is growing year-on-year.

By adding a simple keyword and short code to any of your marketing collateral, you ensure everybody can donate without the need for bank or personal details.

Donate by Mobile SMS

Regular giving and one-off donations available cross-network and begin with '70XXX'. 

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The delay mechanic 

Use a standard rate commercial code (63333) for the user to ‘opt in’ via a keyword. The delay mechanic gives the user 60mins to ‘opt out’ of being charged the voluntary donation amount.

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Gift Aid

Choose your own unique URL for donors to GiftAid their donation. We only require a few details from you and we can create your page and have it setup and running quickly. 

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Skip Mechanic

Instead of users unsubscribing from repeat subscribe donations, they can skip a month's donation without having to unsubscribe. By offering this solution, the attrition rates are lowered. 

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No need to send an invoice as we will pay you automatically. There's also a 100% passthrough of the donation (as long as you are registered with the HMRC).

The main benefits of using Dynamic Mobile Billing

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Superior Security

A user has to confirm a uniquely generated PIN code to  authorise the payment process, providing a robust, secure and auditable payment trace with authentication.

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Tap into new audiences 

Rapid integration of mobile payments offers a near reach, including the unbanked and users seeking quick and convenient methods of payment.

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Consumer convenience

No account or set-up necessary - a phone is a sufficient method of I.D. to initiate a payment process and acquire a customer.

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Push Notifications & Messaging

Push notifications delivered straight to the users mobiles, allowing the merchant to up-sell and cross-sell promotions in real-time, with compelling call-to-action marketing.

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