Charity for video

We can facilitate charity donations via mobiles, through the use of short code numbers, for both regular donations via subscription, as well as one time donation amounts. These are available cross-network and begin with '70XXX'. We are also able to offer your charity direct carrier billing.




Charity Donations by Mobile from Dynamic Mobile Billing on Vimeo.


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Delay Mechanic


Use a standard rate commercial code (63333) for the user to ‘opt in’ via a keyword. The

delay mechanic gives the user 60mins to ‘opt out’ of being charged the voluntary donation amount.


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Skip Mechanic


instead of users unsubscribing from repeat subscribe donations, they can skip a months donation, without having to unsubscribe.

By offering this solution, the attrition rates are lowered. 



Gift Aid Management & Ease of Set Up


Choose your own unique URL for donors to GiftAid their donation, We only require a few details from you and we can create your page and have it setup and running quickly. 

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Self Billing Available


There's no need to send an invoice, as we will pay you automatically. There's also 100% passthrough MT Payout (as long as you are registered with HMRC)