By Hannah Back • September 19, 2018 making a splash with mobile engagement


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Established in 2001, online bathroom retailer has grown rapidly to become one of the leading names in UK bathrooms. The company operates exclusively online without expensive showrooms or salespeople, and passes these savings on to its customers. designs and sources many of its own products, but also supplies big brands with a growing range of over 4,000 products.

Like any growing, thriving business, required the latest technology for multi-channel communications, to contact relevant audiences on mobile about available offers and drive them to site.

The Challenge: A faceless customer relationship

The primary communication channel for is its website; However, when purchases are made online it can be difficult to develop close customer relationships and deliver personalised customer service. In the event of sales and other service updates, the retailer can’t rely on customers reading and acting on emails. Solely relying on call centre agents to let people know individually would be expensive and time consuming.

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The Solution: Bulk SMS from Dynamic Mobile Billing

To ensure customers have received sale and service updates, has taken advantage of Dynamic Mobile Billing’s innovative mobile engagement solution, which allows it to reliably contact customers promptly and at short notice with changes to schedules and other valuable service information. 

The text-based solution – an SMS platform – is accessible to through an online portal, to provide opted-in customers with SMS offers and service updates.
The decision to use Dynamic Mobile Billing stemmed from a need to be able to contact customers about sales and offers. A text-based service meant that could reach opted-in customers for a particular offer instantly, at very low cost.

As an exclusively online business, we rely on digital marketing and multi-channel communication to stay in touch with customers. Dynamic Mobile Billing’s SMS solution allows us to contact our on-the-go trade customers, giving us a much higher open rate than emails. With their solution we’ll continue to test and learn timings, messages and audiences, to optimise our performance. ” (Marketing Dept)


The Outcome: Strong Sales Periods For Trade & Retail has been able to contact customers who haven’t seen deals through emails, using SMS and MMS. It has driven traffic to site and allowed the retailer to stay front of mind when they are ready to order. has also used SMS around key sales periods such as Black Friday, to try to cut through the noise on emails. The retailer has seen that links on SMS do get clicked on, spiking almost immediately after the SMS has been delivered, contributing to strong sales periods.

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