By Hannah Back • August 21, 2019

Society Lottery - the full SMS journey!

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Paper tickets are so last decade!


Any charity that runs a Society Lottery as part of its fundraising efforts will know that it's an excellent source of ongoing revenue / support; far more than one-off anonymous donations.  So the key challenge is to drive regular participation, making it as easy as possible for people to enter. 

This is where mobile entries via SMS can play a huge role.  And not just for taking payments either - but, for issuing numbers and tickets and the entire process.  It's time charities ditched paper tickets once and for all!

Charities have been using SMS short codes for general giving for years now.  Texting a short code has become the ‘go to’ call to action.  And,  society lottery entries is no different. 

Charities can set up a short code (72-xxx) and use it in their society lottery promotion.  Players enter the lottery via SMS and complete the full journey on mobile from opting in to the lottery, to  being sent lottery numbers and notifications of any wins. It's quick, it's convenient, and with over 95% of the population owning a mobile phone, it's surely the best way to reach a mass audience.

Kevin Dawson , COE of Dynamic Mobile Billing says,

When you can manage the lottery participation process entirely by SMS, and so reduce your costs, avoid abandonment and increase conversion, it really is a no-brainer!

Why not join the Revolution?

Watch our short video explaining why your charity should go mobile for lottery entries >>

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Talk to us about how our Society Lottery short codes can boost participation like never before, text 'lottery' to 63333 and someone in the team will talk you through getting your short codes set up quickly.