By Hannah Back • April 18, 2019

SMS Tips for your Leisure Business...


5 Mobile Marketing Tips For Your Leisure Business

With an extended Easter Bank Holiday around the corner, soft play centres, trampoline parks, go karting, cinemas, restaurants, bowling alleys, takeaways are gearing up for a busy long weekend as families spend a well earned rest off school and work.  So, we're focussing on how mobile technology can play a key role in the leisure industry, and how SMS in particular can streamline booking processes, drive sales, generate footfall and enrich engagement with customers. 

Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of your business' SMS strategy:

1. Personalise messages

Every message you send should be unique to the person receiving it.  To do that, you need to get to know your customers.  What makes them tick, what their buying habits are, the sorts of offers they have responded to in the past etc.  In a nutshell, you'll get better results, the more personalised the campaign.

2. Create a relationship with consumers

As in all walks of life, respect and loyalty is earned.  So don't just use SMS for a quick offer to hit a weekend sales target, but instead, build a relationship with your customers - the fruit of which will be brand loyalty and repeat business.  SMS is highly effective for sending booking and payment confirmations, but you can go further and use it to find out what your customers liked about their experience, to improve things over time.

3. Don't forget a strong call-to-action 

Mobile's greatest asset is its fast results -  because of its immediacy.  So don't undo that with lengthy messages.  Keep it brief, grab attention and don't forget a call to action, to create conversions.  To keep the message short and snappy, you could include a link to a URL or landing page which is visually rich and will bring the original message to life.

4. Timing is crucial

The timing of your SMS campaign is the difference between success and failure.  It's vital your SMS provider , has to be reliable, and robust enough handle the volume of messages you want to send - quickly.  Thinking ahead to a busy Easter weekend, and an expected surge in bookings, your messaging needs may spike compared to an average month, and because you need to maximise this timely opportunity, you don't want your provider to let you down. (Did we mention we can help you with that?!)

5. Accuracy of data

Don't throw money down the drain by sending SMS to outdated or dirty data.  Get your data cleansed to get the very best return on your bulk SMS campaigns.  Using an HLR service you can upload  a file of bulk numbers and establish the network of each number, eliminating any dead numbers.

If you're late to the SMS game - it's never too late!  Now could be the perfect time to add SMS to your communications mix and you'll see the results for yourself.  It's a highly personal, timely, and engaging way to communicate with customers - with the by product of an increase in sales.

Contact the team by texting 'sales' to 63333 or email and the team would be delighted to get SMS up and running for your business!