By Zoe Ward • May 16, 2019

How much is a missed call costing your business?

According to research, businesses lose around £90 million a year due to missed calls.

Two missed calls every week equates to 104 potential lost sales each year and if you know your conversion ratio of inbound sales calls, then you can work out how much the missed calls are costing your business in financial terms.

Even if some of your customers leave a voicemail, you could still be potentially losing out on sales! But, there’s no need to get too hung up on it, as cloud-based technology is changing the way businesses can handle enquiries.

So why are you missing calls?

-    A customer calls out of your working hours

-    A customer calls during their downtime (bank holidays/weekends)

-    You  have insufficient staff to handle calls

-    You don’t have effective technology in place to handle calls.

What counts as a missed call?

-    The customer hangs up after waiting too long

-    The customer is placed in a queue

-    The customer is offered a call back at another time to discuss their requirements

-    A customer is sent to voicemail.

While social media, email and VOIP are all effective tools for businesses communication, they lack the same impact as the telephone. A phone call is still the chosen method of communication for many customers.

What can you do?

Specify call management processes during opening hours and peak call times or route calls to alternative numbers when you are out of the office.

Voice timeplan add-ons will allow you to pre-plan inbound call management during bank holidays, Christmas or Easter periods. You can alter this at any time to reflect the changing nature of your business, so calls aren't missed at key times.

Reporting and Analytics 

DMB’s Voice timeplan can allow you to manage and measure inbound call activity for your business and provide you with the data you need to make customer-driven decisions.

-    Gain extensive data and insight  into missed callers within a certain time period

-    Collect detailed reports on missed calls in near-time

-    View and return a proportion of missed calls.

By harnessing the latest technology, lean businesses can offer a responsive and effective phone service and eliminate missed calls further down the line. Communicate better with DMvoice.

If you’d like to know more about our Voice timeplans for your business contact the team on (0)808 206 0808.