By Hannah Back • March 13, 2019

Is Cash Still King?

 Skip the Meter...  Mobile Payments is the future.  Cash isn't King Anymore!

The old term 'Cash is King' has been around for years, and may still be true when it comes to investment; but for consumers, has the love affair with the solid shiny stuff come to end?

We live in an age of the instant, where there's more ways to pay than ever before.  Taking Parking as an example, the days of consumers having to fumble around in the car for loose change to pay for parking, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. What's more, we've all been there when you get back to your car only to find you have lost the car park tickets on your travels and have to buzz for the operator at the exit barrier with a build up of irate drivers behind you, adding to the stress.  All this is not to mention the frustration of rushing back to your car to realise you've gone over the time you paid for and have to put more cash in the machine!

Things need to change...

Watch our short video to see how mobile payments can help car park operators offer a better way for parkers to pay!

Parking - Mobile Payment Solutions from Dynamic Mobile Billing on Vimeo.

Mobile payments is a WIN-WIN for car park operators... not only is it more convenient for drivers (most of whom will own a mobile phone) and who don't have to  worry about having the change on them; but there's countless benefits for car park operators also:

  • More Secure.  There is an increased threat of theft and vandalism when car park meters are full of cash. A recent BBC article reported that gangs are using vacuum cleaners to suck coins out of meters, and bagging tens of thousands of pounds in loose change.  One London Borough reported £120,000 having been stolen in the past year.
  • No need to maintain parking equipment. When payments are made by mobile, there's no need to invest in, and maintain meters.  All payments are made virtually and conveniently.  You can also employ less attendants and eliminate paper!
  • Engagement with Customers.  A cash payment is a one-off, detached and impersonal transaction.  By allowing the car park user to pay by mobile, you can begin an interaction with the customer which can increase customer satisfaction and allow for ongoing engagement.  Improving the parking experience for customers results in repeat business and an increase in your revenue.
  • Analytics.  Using our mobile payment platform analytics, you can better track regular car park users vs. transient parkers, amongst other insightful analytics.
Want to talk about how you can introduce mobile payments in your Car Park?  Text 'SALES' to 63333 or email  and we'd be delighted to talk to you about how you can skip the meter and give customers the best way to pay!