By Hannah Back • June 11, 2019

Charities - Giving by Mobile

 Charity for Social

How easy are you making it for people to donate to your charity via mobile?


Unless you've been living on the moon the last 10 years, you'll know that mobile is king.  It has been for some time, having overtaken desktop years ago... and it has a massive part to play in the future growth and giving to charities.

Let's face it: People are glued to their phones like no other device.  The average person spends over four hours a day on their phone!*  That's a full quarter of their waking hours.  According to Accenture, 87% of people use a mobile device while watching TV.  So it's safe to say it's a direct, and effective medium to reach your audience. 
If you've achieved the task of persuading someone to give to your charity, then why put them through the laborious task of getting their bank account details – risking them aborting mid sign-up?  Mobile is the quickest way for them to respond.  People can donate while they're minded to.  Any delay, and you risk the moment passing.
When we're talking mobile donations, we're not just talking directing people to a mobile-friendly site either (as important as that is!)  Dedicated short codes are an incredibly useful tool to boost donations and can brilliantly complement  existing direct marketing and fundraising efforts.   They're short numbers, memorable and personal to you.  They're also quick to deploy, low cost, and generate a high response.
'70XXX' short codes: 5 reasons to use them!
  1. Your 70### short code is dedicated to your charity. It’s the number your donors will associate with you and your cause. No other charity can use that number, so it's unique to you.
  2. Unlimited keywords.  With your dedicated short code, you can have unlimited "Text XXXX to give' keywords - allowing you to create multiple campaigns (e.g. getting your donors to text a key word to your number depending on the outbound promotional campaign)
  3.  Short codes are versatile, and can be used for single donations, regular/repeated giving, registration, and information capture.  
  4. Short codes are quick and easy to set up - so you can create and have access to new campaigns almost instantly.
  5. You can use short codes to customise the thank-you response message sent to donors, add Gift Aid notices to your campaigns, send response/donation/address request outbound texts, and much more.


Mobile payments matter, and should be one of, if not the the biggest channels for donations as mobile use is only going to increase in the next few years.  The key is about making the act of donating as easy as possible.  Don't think it's enough to just accept mobile donations - rather, a smooth, quick and easy donation process can make a huge difference to fundraising efforts.

Talk to us about how our short codes can boost your donations like never before!  Text 'charity' to 63333 and someone in the team will talk you through getting your short codes set up quickly!