By Zoe Ward - 2 minute read • November 4, 2019

It's time you moved to mobile payments.

With the recent reports stating online bank crashes are becoming more frequent and levels of customer disruption deemed as unacceptable, is it time you moved your consumers over to mobile payments?

Up to 1.9 million customers were unable to access their money when TSB's system crashed this week. Major banks typically suffer more than 10 online outages a month and reports indicate customers  are being left "cashless and cut off!"

Mobile payments can offer your consumers a secure and quick method of payment, which is not at high systematic risk. 


5 reasons why your business should use mobile payments

1. Secure 

Customers are identified through their mobile network making payment via a secure and robust two-factor authentication process, offering consumers and merchants peace of mind. Every transaction provides an electronic (SMS) receipt as validation.

2. Real-Time Payments 

Keep up with Gen Z 's expectations for payment technology and deliver a fast and secure solution for purchases, processed in real-time.

3. User-Friendly

Make purchases more accessible to consumers in a way that is easy, convenient and spontaneous.

4. It makes bookkeeping easier.

When you run a business, you need a simple accounting system that will allow you to invoice customers and share payment information with your accountant. Mobile payment solutions can help a business with more effective cash flow management. With the help of mobile payments, small businesses can reduce bank charge and other associated costs.

5. A better customer experience

For digital content, gaming and charity merchants, mobile payments make a lot of sense. It's the easiest way for consumers to make a payment without the need for a credit card. One of the biggest advantages of mobile payments is financial convenience, which allows managing money anywhere and at any time. 

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